Our Ingredients

At Arundel Ice Cream Shop we go whole hog when we choose ingredients supplied by others, such as our Guittard real chocolate sprinkles that require refrigeration (lest they MELT!) or the premium bing cherry halves we use for our Cherry Vanilla with Chocolate Chunks. No one will let you forget we truck down to Congdon’s Doughnuts to get our stash for the beloved Coffee Chocolate Donut flavor. And oh, our Chocolate Chunks. They are amazing.

We choose the most premium, best-tasting, richest, highest quality flavorings and extracts. We go locally sourced, Maine-made, and all-natural, when we can.

We are just like you (except maybe a touch more pudgy in the middle)–we want the good stuff. Come over now and tell yourself you’ll walk off the calories later. Our ice cream is worth it. Promise.